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#144 How to think outside the box: an interview with Dr David Kamnitzer, DC

#144 How to think outside the box: an interview with Dr David Kamnitzer, DC

July 19, 2019

In this episode of Healing Body Mind and Soul with Aeriol, Aeriol hosts Dr David Kamnitzer, DC for a powerful and profound journey into Dr David's "out of the box" teachings.

Guest bio:

Dr David Kamnitzer is a holistic chiropractor, ontological coach, and spiritual guide in private practice in San Jose, California.  He also consults with people -- using zoom -- from all over the world.

His two passions are to assist people in freeing the body and freeing the soul.
Old souls who are committed to making a big difference in the world are his ideal clientele!
More about Dr David and his work here:
He also has a YouTube channel filled with in-depth interviews and powerful conversations.
He can be reached at 
I hope you enjoy today's episode.
Until next time, happy healing!
Aeriol Ascher, MsD


#139 Serving from the heart to presence the soul: an interview with Tonya Parker

#139 Serving from the heart to presence the soul: an interview with Tonya Parker

June 21, 2019

In this episode Aeriol has a great conversation with Tonya Tyus Parker, Legendary Events CEO as they discuss how to serve from the heart to presence the soul. Lean into this lively discussion for hope and inspiration and some great stories!

Tonya Tyus Parker Bio: 

A Championship Event Producer and Coach and an entertaining Speaker. She shows you how to profit from hosting your own Live Events and Retreats.  Tonya brings over 10 years of experience as a Training Facilitator and Marketing Representative from a International fast food Corporation and 20 years working with for profit, non-profits and entrepreneurs as an Event Specialist and Program Manager.

In Tonya’s program you will learn the keys to hosting a profitable event, seminar, workshop, conference or retreat using her S.O.U.L. methodology. This proven method ensures your seamless and unique event. You’ll uncover how to leave your clients and guests full of anticipation for your next event.

In her powerful and entertaining workshops she walks you step-by-step through the process of how to plan events from start to finish, teaching you how to build influence and increase your profit margin as you broaden your client base using Live Events and Retreats.

Book Tonya for a workshop or to speak to your group to share her proven method to putting revenue in your pocket while putting SOUL into your live events and having fun with your peeps!!!      

Tonya is currently a member of the National Event Planners Association, The Public Speakers Association, Placer Womens Network, Sacramento Regional Tapestry.

She has been a Guest Speaker with  such illustrious groups…

  • *2016 Stand Up and Be Heard II Women’s Conference
  • *2017 Women Of Influence Conference, Mountain View, CA
  • *2017 Google PitchFeast – Judge
  • *2018 Women Of Influence Conference, Mountain View, CA
  • *2018 Women CEO Conference, Seattle, WA
  • *2018 Google Pitch Fest – Judge
  • *2018 Elk Grove Tapestry, CA

Producer of :

  • International Women in Business Leadership Conference
  • Legendary Womens Mentorship Conference
  • Plus a host of Virtual Global Speaker Summits

Contact Tonya at:


Facebook: @coachtonyatyus

Facebook: @tonyalegendary


Instagram: legendaryevents.fun





I hope that you enjoyed our show today!

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Happy Healing!

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#138 Embracing defiance and loving yourself unconditionally with Dr. Beth Halbert

#138 Embracing defiance and loving yourself unconditionally with Dr. Beth Halbert

June 14, 2019

In this episode Aeriol speaks with the amazing Dr. Beth Halbert "America's Teen-ologist" about the nature of defiance and how to embrace each aspect of our selves with unconditional love and acceptance.

Guest BIO:

Dr. Beth Halbert, known as America’s Teenologist is a licensed child, family, teen psychologist with 25-years plus experience as a dynamic facilitator, speaker, and management consultant. 

Dr. Beth’ has a thriving private clinical practice and facilitates workshops nationally for parents and teensHer keynote presentations for organizations are known to be both highly entertaining and extremely educational. 

Her clinical focus has been in the area of secure attachment through healthy emotional development. As a leading expert in parenting teenagers, Dr. Beth has worked with hundreds of families to create stronger parent-teen bonds. 

As the moderator for Dr. Beth’s Compassionate Parenting National Teleconference Series, she takes a unique approach to help both teens and parents overcome the difficulties of adolescence, combining proven clinical practices with warmth, playfulness, self-expression, and compassion. 

Dr. Beth knows how teens think and act—and why. She understands how to get them talking about their emotions and behaviors. Plus, she knows parents. She understands how to get them to accept themselves exactly as they are, and how to accept their children exactly as they are. She assists parents and teens in building positive dialogue and developing more connected relationships. Dr. Beth bridges the parent-teen gap.

Dr Beth's Social Media Links:




I hope you enjoyed this show featuring my dear friend and healing force Dr. Beth Halbert.
Please join me next time. Until then... Happy Healing!
Aeriol Ascher, host, Healing Body Mind and Soul Podcast
#136 Caring for the whole self: an interview with Erika Gimbel, Wholistic Psychotherapist

#136 Caring for the whole self: an interview with Erika Gimbel, Wholistic Psychotherapist

June 7, 2019

In this episode Aeriol interviews the vivacious and fun loving Erika Gimbel, Wholistic Psychotherapist and Whole Self Care Advocate. 

Guest Bio: 

Erika Gimbel MFT has been passionate for food that’s healthy and clean.  Erika’s helped 4 different Boys & Girls Clubs in California get growing with aeroponic NASA researched technology called the tower garden. Erika is grateful for the opportunity to share about food and nutrition and how healing with real food makes the difference bringing results, repair and recovery.  She’s part of the Healthy Living Revolution community that has free info and resources to share.
As a psychotherapist/counselor Erika works with those who’ve experienced complex trauma, people recovering from Burning Man and such where psyches have been altered and rattled.  She also has worked with people with Parkinson’s disease and she teaches Brainworks as well as a facilitates a protocol called LSVT BIG that engages cueing of being BIG for people.

Hope you Enjoyed today's Show!

Until Next time... Happy Healing.

Aeriol Ascher, MsD

Author, Speaker, Mentor, Teacher, Coach