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#156 Improving your snack standards: an interview with Matthew Parry

#156 Improving your snack standards: an interview with Matthew Parry

October 11, 2019

Today Aeriol has the opportunity to interview another up and coming CEO of a healthy lifestyle food company. Today she checks in with Matthew Parry, founder of The Good Crisp Company and finds out just what motivated him to create his good crisps and what he hope to accomplish by sharing them with the world. 

Guest Bio: 

Matthew Parry is the founder of The Good Crisp Company, that is taking on Pringles. basically a chip that looks like a Pringle, comes in a Pringle-like tube, but contains no nasties! And how’s this for success … Just one year in and they’ve replaced Pringles on all Virgin Australia and Tiger flights nationally. Plus, its stocked in 2,000 supermarkets across the America, and is in the top 10 fastest growing brands in Whole Foods stores. In fact, The Good Crisp Company is on track to do $5 million in sales in its first full year! In Matt’s own words he says “We have a tiger by the tail, and are trying desperately to hold on for the ride!”

Mathew shares that in seeing a need for snacks that were made with Good ingredients yet still tasted Good, Matt was inspired to re-create a better version of the stacked chips he grew up with. By taking the nasties out The Good Crisp Company has successfully developed a range of stacked chips that have all the taste but none of the guilt.



We hope you enjoyed today's fun interview.

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#153 How to reduce sugar intake with True Made Foods: an interview with Abraham Kamarck

#153 How to reduce sugar intake with True Made Foods: an interview with Abraham Kamarck

September 13, 2019

In today's episode Aeriol interviews Abraham Kamarck the CEO & Founder of True Made Foods. Abraham shares how to get beyond fad and hype and stick to core nutrition princlples. As a busy entrepreneur and father of 4 Abraham has a wealth of information and tips about budget friendly ways to get kids eating healthy.

Abraham is a health enthusiast and founder of True Made Foods, that makes ketchup, BBQ sauce and siracha using veggies instead of sugar. He is passionate about helping people get beyond fad and hype in the diet world and stick to core nutrition principles. He also thinks it is the best time to start a food startup and gives his tips on how to manage a startup with a family.

How he got started is a Funny story - As a father of four and a healthy eater, I tried to limit my kids' ketchup intake, explaining it was like putting candy on their burgers. Part of me cringed at family cookouts as BBQ sauce and Sriracha flowed freely. But I lost these battles - especially the argument over ketchup with a five year old. So when the opportunity arose to create a better ketchup, I jumped.
Check out True Made Foods online: www.truemadefoods.com
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#148 Stop the war against your body by embracing Thyroid Health: an interview with Jill Ashley Hoffman

#148 Stop the war against your body by embracing Thyroid Health: an interview with Jill Ashley Hoffman

August 9, 2019

Today's interview with Jill Ashley Hoffman is fantastic. Jill is a Holistic Health Coach and Thyroid Expert with a passion to assist people to make peace with their body by flooding it with vital nutrients to create an environment of peace in the body.

Guest Bio:

Jill Ashley Hoffman is a Holistic Health Coach, Thyroid Expert and creator of the Healthy, Sexy Thyroid Life program where she teaches women struggling with symptoms of thyroid imbalance how to heal their bodies naturally.

Jill considers herself a "Thyroid Guide" helping her clients navigate through the maze of information so that they can get to the root of their symptoms. Her approach uses a combination of food therapy, stress empowerment, and radical self-care.

She believes that guiding women back to themselves is the key to resolving physical symptoms in the body. It was her own journey of overcoming Hypothyroidism that put her on a path of deep healing; physically, emotionally and spiritually - allowing her to reclaim her energy and vitality.

Jill is a Certified Thyroid Health Coach, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach as well as a Certified Transformational Life Coach. In her spare time, she loves to travel, cook healthy meals for her and her husband, walk her dog in the park, meditate and dance.

Facebook: jill.ashley.hoffman
Instagram: jillashleyhoffman
I hope you absolutely love hearing from Jill. I know I was inspired by her and her work!
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