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#154 Align with your Life Purpose with Hand Analysis: an Interview with Todd Zimmerman

#154 Align with your Life Purpose with Hand Analysis: an Interview with Todd Zimmerman

September 27, 2019

In today's episode Aeriol has a lively conversation with Todd Zimmerman, professional Hand Analyst, Mentor, Coach and Practitioner.

Guest Bio:

Todd is a Professional Hand Analyst, Ontological Coach/Mentor, Radiance Breathwork Facilitator, Musician and Shamanic Practitioner! 

Todd is a transpersonal intuitively oriented Shamanic practitioner focusing on integration and self-actualization. He has worked in the area of health care and personal growth and development for over 33 years, personally creating, co-creating and facilitating unique transformational programs, workshops and ceremonies that have powerfully affected the lives of thousands of people.

Integrating Hand Analysis, Ontological/Transformational Coaching, Breathwork, and techniques of our ancestors, Todd creates a safe and well grounded process that allows for graceful, powerful, self-paced transformation and the actualization of his clients goals and  desires.

Todd was certified as a Hand Analyst in 1991 by Richard Unger of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA). He returned to the (IIHA) in 2004 for further study. 

Certification as an Ontological Coach came in March of 2002. As Co-founder of the Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group, Todd co-facilitated the coach training program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP) in Palo Alto, CA for over 8 years. ITP is now called Sophia University.

He received certification in Radiance Breathwork from Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks in 1990 and has been providing group and private sessions ever since. Todd pioneered “live music” group breathwork and was honored to bring the band “Soulstice” to The Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN) conference in Todtmoos Germany (1996) to perform for Stan Grof’s first ever “live music” Holotropic Breathwork. 

Todd began his personal transformation/emergence in 1986 working with a counselor/shaman that later evolved into a mystery school centered in the foothills of the Sierras. 

Todd left a successful career in management at IBM (1978-1989) to pursue a path of healing and Shamanism. 

Todd Zimmerman

(650) 387- 2051


FB page: https://www.facebook.com/SoulPrintSeminars/

“The Great Spirit breathes in the breath of Life and the tracks of that breath become our fingerprints.” -Navajo

If you are in the San Jose, Ca area you can join us for an upcoming Soul Print Seminar

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I hope you have enjoyed this episode of Healing Body Mind and Soul with Aeriol.

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#151 How to float into your best you: an interview with Lori Henderson

#151 How to float into your best you: an interview with Lori Henderson

August 30, 2019

What a treat you are in for with today's HBMS episode where Aeriol has a wonderful conversation with Personal Training and Floatation Master Lori Henderson or Body Architecture Personal Training.

Lori tells us a little bit about her own battle with cancer and her background as a trainer and how she began floating and incorporating it into her work with her clients. Lori believes that everyone has the power to not only heal themselves but create themselves. Lean in and listen up to how you can embrace floating as part of your whole self care plan.

Guest Bio:

Lori has been an aerobic instructor, physical therapist, personal trainer, and gym/studio owner since 1980 and holds a degree from Ursinus College and Masters' degree in Physical Therapy/Performance Enhancement from CA University of Pennsylvania. She has been certified by over 23 certifications in personal training, group fitness, nutrition, & special populations from the leading fitness organizations in the country including NASM, ACE, AFAA, AEA, MS Society, Arthritis Foundation, NDIETA & SCW. She is very hands on, a stickler for biomechanics & will make sure that your experience at her facility is the best part of your day. Due to her vast experience over a variety of different sports, she adds technically correct exercises from a variety of different sports to make your fitness workout fun. There is never a dull moment, and your workouts are always designed with your goal in mind. She had to reduce her services for 2 years to battle cancer. As a survivor, she strives to be a role model with a bulldog determination to never give up on your goals! Don't be defined: define yourself!

If you are in San Jose, CA you can text Lori at Body Architecture Personal Training: 408-597-4957

You can also check out the Body Architecture website: http://www.bodyarchitecturepersonaltraining.com

I hope you enjoy today's episode! I am a huge fan of sensory deprivation tanks and the benefits of floating and I hope you will be too!

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#147 Healing the world with Kitchen Table Wisdom: an interview with Joan Stutes.

#147 Healing the world with Kitchen Table Wisdom: an interview with Joan Stutes.

August 2, 2019

In today's episode Aeriol sits down with guest Joan Stutes to discuss how the problems of the World can be solved with Joan's Kitchen Table Wisdom and by moving past "of course" consciousness and into one's own mastery.

Guest Bio:

Joan Stutes, Kitchen Table Wisdom, started Joan's Lunch Bunch Jan. 2009 as because she believe that if people sat around the kitchen table, the problems of the world would be solved. While the problems of the world remain urgent, pressing and largely unsolved, Joan and her Lunch Bunch Ladies have had a lot of fun. 

Designed to encourage entrepreneurial women to  explore  their creative powers and using them in the business world, topics have ranged from Past Life Experiences, Crystal Healing, and  How to Increase Sales.  

Joan studied metaphysics through a variety of programs and is currently on track to become Rev. Joan in November with the Universal Church of the Masters, a spiritualist organization. She has done past life readings to help people with their current challenges. Currently she is writing a book, Snippetts, which is a collection of life events and thoughts about life. Called Snippetts because these a short, quick easy recounts. She has previously been included in two collaborative books, and, at one time, sold articles to astrology magazines.

Joan worked as a full time Realtor for 30 years and won many top producer awards She is an active member of Toastmasters International earning the Distinguished Toastmaster  award. She helped start three clubs, and  has helped revitalize her current club which moved from the failing list to Select Distinguished Award.

At age 75 after two years of very boring retirement, she became an Investment Advisor Representativer, She remains active at age 84, and loves helping people develop a money plan for Adventure now and in the golden years

Check out Joan's lunch bunch on Eventbrite if you are in the South SF Bay Area;



I hope you enjoyed this episode of Healing Body Mind and Soul with Aeriol.

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