This episode turns the tables on Aeriol who is now the guest on the Empowering Women Transforming Lives radio show on Voice America. Aeriol is interviewed about her upcoming chapters in the Animal Legacies Compilation Book by the amazing host Rebecca Hall Gruyter, CEO if RHG Media Productions and founder of Your Purpose Driven Practice.

The book is set to launch on DEC 3, 2019 so SAVE THE DATE! The special $1 Book Launch of “Animal Legacies" will take place on December 3rd and I will make sure to email all of you the special link (and I will share it out in social media too) so you can participate in our Best-Selling Campaign and take advantage of this special rate. (It will only be available at this special rate the first 24-48 hours of its release on Amazon.) This book has been created by 12 powerful authors that want to inspire you with their animal stories and the legacies each of these powerful animals want to share out....the imprint they made in the author’s life and we know they will make in your life.

You will be inspired, uplifted, encouraged and empowered by these beautiful and heart-warming animal stories.

Please watch for my email and social media posts where we will share the special link where you will be able to purchase this amazing book for only $1 USD starting December 3rd!!! We would be so honored if you would mark the date on your calendar and share this opportunity with your friends, contacts, and colleagues...Both before the launch and on the day of the launch.

I look forward to sharing this amazing book with you!

PS: we will also be presenting an Animal Legacies Journal and Animal Legacies Wisdom Deck that I am particularly excited about!

Until Next time,

Happy Healing!

Aeriol Ascher, MsD




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