Aeriol blushes just a bit during this episode as she has a scintillating discussion about healing with Author, Tantric Teacher and Transformational Relationship Coach S. Sequoia Stafford. These two long time friends have way too much fun as we hear about Sequoia's new book: It's Hard! Sexual Satisfaction Secrets to Beat ED and Other Intimacy Problems. Full of laughs and straight talk on how to heal intimacy issues, sexual identity and claiming ones personal power. 

Guest Bio: 

S. Sequoia Stafford is an author, speaker, tantra educator and master healer. After twenty years of shamanism, tantra, hypnosis, mysticism and energy medicine she created the It’s Hard process. A unique healing modality for modern sexual well-being, helping people spend less time in the therapist’s office and more time in the bedroom. Her path to wholeness and personal health resulted hacking the relationship and intimacy code. Along the way, she trained with masters in the fields of shamanism, tantra, psychological gestalt theory, sacred sexuality, hypnosis, mysticism and full-spectrum energy medicine.
Sequoia’s discovery of the science of now guides seekers to be the healthiest human beings possible, from anywhere they find themselves on the journey. She helps clients discover their bliss through guided self-growth and development practices designed specifically for them and what they are dealing with in life.

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