Today Aeriol speaks with Robyn Vie Carpenter-Brisco author of "Let's Get Stoned - using stones and crystals to create a life that rocks!" Robyn share tips and tricks to working with stones to set intentions and create energy grids. These two have way too much fun! Lean into this juicy conversation:

What is your title or business name?: Your Favorite Spiritual Life Coach

How long have your been in business?: 12+ years

Tell us a little bit about the work you do: I teach Spiritual Empowerment. I work with successful women that have decided a spiritual approach is what’s missing from their success path. Now, they are ready to creat the next major shift in their life. My program includes lessons on living the 5 Principles of Joy, making an Evolution Plan, helping create daily practices for a successful mindset shift and the powerful tools of stones & crystals.

How or why did you begin doing the work that you do?: I began as a small business coach. I found my most satisfying work for both me and my clients centered around their personal journeys and the teaching of the spiritual practices I utilized in my own life and business, instead of regular marketing and business coaching. Then a chance encounter with a hypnotist in a women’s bathroom convinced me that serious business people would be able to take me seriously as an expert, even if my practice was more esoteric in nature.
I have been certified in several practices and am currently an interning Spiritual Practitioner through Heart & Soul Center of Light in Oakland.

What kind of things do you assist your clients with?: My one-on-one client work is as a Spiritual Life Coach. I am a muse and an intuitive. So each journey is different. We work through my program the 5 Keys of Spiritual Empowerment. I meet you wherever you are on the path and customize the map for your journey.

People can also get a report I create called a Stone Rx (prescription). I choose a stone or crystal in (10) categories that are right for you at this moment in your life. The report has a picture of the stone, a description of the metaphysical properties, the question it is helping you answer and how to use it in your life daily.

I also do some custom work with clients creating harmonious energy for their home or office using energy mapping & color theory to choose the correct stones & crystals for their spaces. I call it Harmonious Room Design.

What SUPER TIP or piece of advice would you like to share with the world?: Don’t be afraid of stones & crystals. You can’t do it wrong if it feels like the right thing for you. There is lots of information out there if you are interested. Take your time. Remember to create a life that rocks!

What is the best way for our Podcast Listeners to reach you?: You can send me a DM on Instagram - @GoddessofJoy Or an email -

Guest Bio: In her late 20s, Robyn Vie Carpenter-Brisco, Your Favorite Spiritual Life Coach, became inspired by the healing powers of amber after a chance encounter at a New York City jewelry store. 25 years later, this self-proclaimed hippie diva was motivated to write, "Let's Get Stoned - using stones and crystals to create a life that rocks!” Now Robyn tours speaking about stones & crystals, teaching about mindset plus working with private clients on what she has calls - Spiritual Empowerment.

Robyn’s motto is: We create a new life every day, why not create a life that rocks?!

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