In this episode Aeriol has an illuminating chat with musician, composer and avid meditator Cheryl B. Engelhardt about the use of music and meditation to overcome anxiety and to have more clarity, focus and ease in ones daily life. Cheryl shares her own amazing story as well as the track "Earthshine" from her new album "Luminary" due out Feb 7, 2020. 

Guest Bio:

After two weeks in a half-abandoned mountain town on the Greek island of Crete at an artist residency, Cheryl B. Engelhardt flew home to New York with something special in her pocket… and on her hard drive.

She had over 60 minutes of music that she composed and recorded on a grand piano in a stone room. Engelhardt spent half her time in Greece composing and the other half editing and producing the audio (including reversing the audio of plucked piano strings and a bell, giving the album an electronic/orchestra feel without being synthetic).

The album is called “Luminary” - 10 tracks of six-minute pieces, some piano-only, some piano, voice. 

We hope you enjoy this fun and lively conversation and that you will continue to lean into Healing Body Mind and Soul.

Until Next time,

Happy Healing!

Aeriol Ascher, MsD.


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