Aeriol has a lovely conversation with Dr Laura Polak, Dc of Radiant Health about the nature of energy and her work with Network Spinal Analysis. 
How long have your been in business?
18 years
Tell us a little bit about the work you do:
Network Spinal Analysis is unique from almost all other forms of health care on the planet because it works with what is already working with you instead of what is wrong. We make light touches, called entrainments, at the places where your nervous system attaches to bones where there is the most peace in your system. These places are called spinal gateways. These gateways of peace allow you to reflect on the way your body is currently holding physical, emotional and chemical tension patterns and change them. This allows you to not only “get rid of pain or discomfort” but to literally change the way you have been being in the world and create new more effective strategies for your own evolution (please click on ANC research for articles and studies indicating the neuronal advancement from NSA). These light touches remind the brain of what it is like to be in a state of peace and the brain sends signals back down to the body to reorganize the system to move back to a more effective way of being. Not only does this help address “problems” but it frees up the nervous system from old patterns that were taking up a lot of energy, allowing you more energy and freedom in your life.
How or why did you begin doing the work that you do?
“The reason I am a chiropractor today is because of the amazing ways it has transformed my life. Like many teenagers I entered adolescence with awkwardness and trepidation. My capacity to communicate thoughts and ideas through language was inadequate. It is then that I learned that I could find solace in dance. I began dancing as part of a dance troupe 5 days a week. I found a medium I felt at home in. As I reached college, a dance teacher encouraged me to bring the joy of communicating with both dance and language together. It is here where I found that my body-mind had a voice that could be communicated with others.

After several careers as an elementary teacher and a construction worker I decided to bring my passion for body-mind communication to my career and began chiropractic school. Chiropractic school allowed me to learn a vast wealth of the scientific knowledge about the body. I learned how the body responds physiologically in optimal health and what happens when the body moves away from health. This stimulated my mental understanding of how the body works; however, I still had not found the ‘dance.’

Network for me is that dance. Not only was the Doctor who was working with me knowledgeable about the science of the body, he was able to help me make the connection between my body and my brain. He would make light contacts on my spine and my body would instantly take the information, deepen my breath, move tense muscles and unwind emotional and mental stresses so I left the office in a peaceful, yet expanded state. I finally felt met on all levels. The Doctor knew exactly where to make contacts on my spine that allowed my body and mind to dance in a harmony that I had never known or felt before. My body intuitively knew exactly what to do and my mind was able to release the old way of thinking allowing me such immense amounts of freedom and possibility. I felt as if someone had seen me for the first time. It is now seven years later and I am still amazed how this communication inside my body-mind continues to evolve and expand, carrying me places I would have never imagined possible. I stand in gratitude and awe.”

What kind of things do you assist your clients with?
Pain- physical emotional and bio-chemical
Everything from back pain, fatigue to transformation and grief.
My ideal client is someone who is ready to upgrade their life and knows that the present condition that is in front of them is the fuel to get where they are going.
What SUPER TIP or piece of advice would you like to share with the world?
We all have the power to heal and transform. After 18 years of practice most of the problems that I encounter in my practice have at the root of the problem a call to action from the individual to listen to their body and make changes that will change the course of their current trajectory. Most illness that comes into our lives the body experiences as an upgrade just like we upgrade our phones. Just like chicken pox once you have had the virus your body creates an immunity so you do not catch it again. Your cells and your body learn and evolve So it is with most problems that enter our lives. They are there to help us upgrade our lives and our experience so we can truly give our greatest gifts and live the life we were born for
What is the best way for our Podcast Listeners to reach you?
Reach Dr. Laura at: or
Bio: Dr. Laura is a board-certified chiropractor who specializes in Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). She holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West, a B.A. in Global Education from Antioch College, and a B.S. from New College. She is also a certified practitioner in levels of care by the Association of NSA. 
We hope you have enjoyed this episode of Healing Body Mind and Soul Podcast Network with Aeriol Ascher.
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Aeriol Ascher, MsD
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