In this episode of Healing Body Mind and Soul, Aeriol hosts master crania-sacral bodyworker and energy healer Ilani Kopiecki for a wonderful conversation about energy healing, self awareness and freeing the physical body of stress and pain by practicing regular energetic energy awareness and management as part of a whole self care practice. Lean in:

What is your title or business name?:

lani sessions, CranioSacral Therapy and Intuitve Bodywork

How long have your been in business?:

20 years

Tell us a little bit about the work you do:

I work with clients that have chronic pain, such as spinal misalignment, concussions, neurological conditions and much more., The main healing modality I use is CranioSacral Therapy. It is a wonderful modality that accesses the source of discomfort anywhere in the body, and gently but effectively allows the tissues to unwind, release and relax into balance, thus relieving pain and discomfort

How or why did you begin doing the work that you do?:

When I was a massage therapist I received some CranioSacral Therapy treatment from a chiropractor friend. During the session I felt all sorts of releases wherever he placed his hands. I felt great after the session, and knew I needed to learn all I could about this practice.

What kind of things do you assist your clients with?:

Spinal misalignment, TMJ pain, concussions, neurological conditions, accident or surgery recovery, sinus conditions. I also work with babies with latch problems, birth trauma, failure to thrive and cranial bone misalignment. The touch is so gentle that babies readily respond to CST treatment.

What SUPER TIP or piece of advice would you like to share with the world?:

The main cause of illness or distress in the body is STRESS. It is so important to be aware of how much energy you are giving to others, and how much energy you give to yourself. The ideal practice is to give to others 50% of your time and energy - and give to yourself 50% of your time and energy. The giving to yourself should ideally be restoring practices that calm your mind and sooth your nervous system, such as a hot bath, listening to quiet music alone, or taking a slow walk in nature. The 50/50 theory is wonderful to practice because you are then giving to others from a full and nurtured space, and you are not draining your time and energy.

What is the best way for our Podcast Listeners to reach you?:

My email:

Guest Bio:

Ilani kopiecki has participated in the healing arts for over 20 years. She is a certified advanced practitioner of CranioSacral Therapy for adults, and a certified advanced practitioner for pediatrics through the Upledger Institute in Florida. She also holds a California state certificate in massage therapy. Having been in chronic pain herself many years ago, Ilani knows first hand how debilitating it can be, both physically and emotionally. That is why she entered into the healing arts and found CranioSacral Therapy. It helped her release and heal, and so now she is dedicated to help her clients to reach their highest health goals, and return to their active, happy lives.

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