Aeriol has a great conversation with fellow Reiki Master Teacher and Hypnotherapist Raina Munson about her wellness practice The Secret Door and how you can find wellness and balance in life no matter what the conditions of your life. Lean in for this juicy conversation.
What is your business name?
The Secret Door
How long have your been in business?
1.5 years
Tell us a little bit about the work you do:
I am a Master Reiki Practitioner and newly certified Hypnotherapist. I own The Secret Door , a Wellness space in Morgan Hill where we host holistic workshops and offer a gathering space for light workers. In addition, we retail healing crystals and museum quality mineral specimens, custom designed energetic jewelry and malas, authentic Himalayan salt lamps, candles, incense and natural bath products.
How or why did you begin doing the work that you do?
I began this work 7 years ago. I realized that my corporate career, while financially rewarding, was not the fulfillment of my true life’s purpose.
What kind of things do you assist your clients with?
I have worked with clients of every ilk from terminal cancer patients, victims of stroke, and those with cardiovascular or digestive issues to stay at home moms or busy professionals experiencing insomnia, anxiety, or brain fog. My clients are primarily looking for stress relief and calming therapies.
What SUPER TIP or piece of advice would you like to share with the world?
Whether you live another day or 50 years TIME IS SHORT. Don’t defer your DREAMS waiting for the “right time”... your time is NOW!
What is the best way for our Podcast Listeners to reach you?
I am Raina Munson, owner of The Secret Door, a Wellness space and retail store for healing crystals, energetic jewelry and Malas, and a host of holistic health and wellness products. I am dedicated to helping clients embody their highest self through various modalities including Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Success and Relationship Coaching, Meditation, Yoga and more. Your time is NOW!
We hope you have enjoyed today's episode of Healing Body Mind and Soul with Aeriol Ascher.
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Happy Healing!
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