In this interview Aeriol speaks to RiTika Rose. Check out their lively conversation:
Tell us a bit about yourself RiTika.
I am an International Amazon Best-Selling Author in the subject of Trans-Personal Psychology.
I own an East meets West Wholistic Life Coaching, Emotional Wellness and Personal Leadership Development Practice.
How or why did you begin doing the work that you do?
Prior to opening my practice I was working the high paced, high stress environment of Rehabilitation Medicine as a Program Director spanning 10 years. There came a point in my career and personal relationships that had me question everything about my purpose and if I was on the right path of life. It was a coming to God moment, that changed the trajectory of my life course into journey of healing. I was called and guided to become part of the healing community to spread the freedom, power and truth that I discovered within myself to others.
What kind of things do you assist your clients with?
Finding New Hope, Confidence and Peace
Healing from Self Imposed Pressures, Self Doubt, Anxiety, Inner Conflicts.
What SUPER TIP or piece of advice would you like to share with the world?
Stand in YOUR Truth!
When you Find your Truth. You will Find your Peace.
Guest Bio: RiTika offers a unique, intuitive and practical approach to her mentoring. RiTika’s integrative practice offers you her
20 + years of blended professional experience in western and eastern medicine, energy and spiritual psychology, as well as mindful living.

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Aeriol Ascher
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