Today's Interview episode is with Aeriol and the fabulous Jewels Aradia, Reiki Master Teacher and Recording Artist. 


Guest Bio:

Jewels Aradia (aka Julie S. Roberts) launched her Reiki healing practice in 2009 as an answer to Spirit's call. As a Priestess and naturally gifted Seer, she guides seekers as they reach a crossroads in life through her Sacred Work. Jewels offers Intuitive Readings, Sonic Healing, and Shamanic Reiki Sessions to those who are seeking spiritual guidance, healing & growth. She provides certification training in Shamanic Reiki to select individuals up to Master Teacher Degree. As a Sonic Healer, Jewels channels Source energy as while sings the language of light, also known as the Kotodama. Her healing sessions are a potent energetic balm to soothe frayed nerves and reduce stress, holding a healing frequency for renewal & growth at the deepest levels of being. Jewels also recently discovered a potent method for weight wellness through optimal nutrition and intermittent cleansing. She has successfully released over 50 pounds of toxins and excess fat. Contact Jewels for free consultation to see if nutritional cleansing is a good fit for you. Please go to for bookings and more information.

Today's Daily Reflection: I have confidence in my skills.

I hope you enjoy the show.

Happy Healing!


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