Today's Podcast includes Aeriol's Interview with fellow Vibrational Sound Therapist Brenda Negley and her work with sound healing, the forest and her community.

Today's Meditation for Daily Reflection: My Mind has Unlimited Power.

I hope you enjoy today's Podcast.

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Guest Bio: Brenda Bernal Negley



Brenda's BIO:

1985-1988: Army Veteran (served from 1985-1988)
1994: Graduated from UT Austin with a BS in Applied Learning and Development (their version of a teaching credential), with specializations in Special Education and Earth Science. 
1995-2011:  Taught in California for 16 years. Started with a Special Day Class, then taught at a Court Day School (<Kids were assigned by a judge), taught for kids at a Boot Camp school (these are intermediate sanctions offered as an alternative between probation and correctional facilities), I then became a Community Day School teacher, home hospital teacher, and my last three years as a home school teacher. 
2004: Earned my Masters in Religious Studies from Emerson Theological Institute
2008 - Present, CEO: In 2008 the Nonprofit for Friends of Nelder Grove, Inc., was started with three close friends. Nelder Grove is a giant sequoia grove in the Sierra National Forest. The Nonprofit continues with the goal to work in partnership with other groups and individuals dedicated to assist the Forest Service in its public service responsibilities in Nelder Grove through improved safe recreation opportunities, site interpretations, and sustainable active management. 
2008-2017: Official volunteer for the Sierra National Forest
2012: National, Regional, and Sierra National Forest, Campground host of the Year
2016: Author of Nelder Grove of Giant Sequoias, A Granddaughter's Stories. 
2017 - Present: Volunteer Director at Fresno Flats Historical Park and Museum. Currently I present the historical lectures of the local area, or arrange speakers 8 months out of the year, and work in the research library, as well as organizing the parade in the community for the 3rd Saturday in September. 
2017 - 2018: Appointed to the Fresno and Madera Counties Resource Advisory Committee
2018: Author, 2nd edition of Nelder Grove of Giant Sequoias, A Granddaughter's Stories  released.
2018 - Present: Madera County Community Coordinator of the Old Growth Forest Network.
2018 - Present: Certified Practitioner in Vibrational Sound Therapy. 

2019: Currently working on a local hiking book to be released this year. 
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