Oh my gosh what a weekend. It took me almost a week to unpack and integrate back into my world.

The #GL19 Grrrl Live Event was in Las Vegas and was a complete game changer as far as women's empowerment, feminine leadership, inclusion and perspective. Kortney Olsen, CEO of GRRRL CLOTHING led us through an alchemical journey: I am enough, you are enough, we are enough! the theme of the weekend more than delivered in content, connection and collaboration.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful learnings. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to open up the morning on Sunday and to have taught the women in my workshops my #confidencechoir exercise: "I know I know I know I know I know!"

It was amazing, fun, mind blowing, empowering, exhausting, ferocious and eye opening. I am inspired by the opening and amazing clearing work these powerful women executed in a short and concentrated time period. It was freaking bad ass! LOL.


Aeriol Ascher


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