Today's Podcast interview is with the amazing Heidi Diouf, Intuitive Healing Artist, Yogi and Author of The SuperPower Playbook. Heidi has a Healing Center in Salinas, CA and travels to speak at events.


Today's Daily Reflection Meditation: I share my Gifts with the World

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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Guest Bio:

Heidi Diouf is the author of The Superpower Playbook. In Heidi’s 25 year journey as a multi-modal intuitive healing master she has helped people struggling with stress and anxiety to discover their Superpowers through her intuitive energy work, handmade Moon Mist Flower Essence Sprays, service as a birth doula, and her Intuitive Energy healing program called The Spiritual Detective Academy. Heidi was also an intuitive consultant for the recent documentary, General Magic. She is currently owner of Harvest Healing Arts, Yoga and Meditation studio in Salinas. Her mission is to help people discover their Superpowers so that they can move through their blocks, tap into their intrinsic wisdom, and open pathways to success.


Instagram: harvesthealing

Facebook: Heidi Diouf



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