Interview Cheryl Robledo: Sharing her own healing journey and helping clients identify and uncover limiting beliefs that keep them from embracing their passion and purpose.


Guest Bio:

Cheryl Robledo is a seasoned body & energy worker and coach.  For 16 years she has worked with professional athletes and dancers, cancer patients, stay at home moms, and the Silicon Valley techies.  Her passion is working with the emotional component behind the physical ailment.  She does this through massage, yoga, physch-k, EFT, guided meditations amongst other techniques that she holds dear to her heart.  Overcoming her own obstacles in her personal life and in business, she is eager to share what has helped her grow and move past any limiting beliefs and or physical ailments to achieve her goals.  She is the co-owner of two Silicon Valley based businesses, Rose Garden Massage and Samadhi Yoga Gruha.  With a strong mission to guide people who want to change their lives for the better, she facilitates transformation and suggests to her clients the idea of becoming their own healer.

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Happy Healing!

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