Interview Halley Eppinger-Osborne: Embrace dental health as part of your daily self care ritual.


Guest Bio:

Halley Eppinger Osborne helps people Age Healthily in Easy Ways. Born a product of an Engineer and Therapist, Halley can identify the problem and create an Easy to Use System to solve it. For over 25 years Halley has been working in this manner in the fields of Marketing and Advertising. In the last decade – of her 40’s, Health & Aging has been a top focus for herself, her soulmate husband and their cats. By working with a well-established, top scientific nutritional & skincare company that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to create products, Halley can provide guaranteed results for slowing aging both inside and outside your body – by helping your genes develop a younger expression. Yes – a Younger You. As a product of her products and technologies – and a No-Makeup Beauty - Halley demonstrates the simple steps to an Easy, Healthier and more Youthful You! With a passion for play and joy – Halley makes getting healthier FUN and simple. Whether you are a Healthcare Practitioner seeking systems to improve your patients health or a Play-at-Home Parent that simply wants a pill to keep up with the kids, Halley can make it happen regardless of your budget. For a free consultation or demonstration – reach out to Halley via Facebook at @TheHalleyWay or email And start your Healthy Aging – The Easy Way.

I hope you enjoy the show.

Happy Healing!

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