In this episode Aeriol interviews Lissa McGraw, self proclaimed "poop whisperer" and colon hydrotherapist. Lissa explains how well Vibrational Sound Therapy and it's effect on the parasympathetic nervous system and the work she does as  colon hydrotherapy in her healing practice.


Guest Bio:

Lissa McGraw is the proud and blessed owner of Espirit Colon Hydrotherapy and Wellness Center.  Espirit began as a means for Lissa to heal herself after years of misery from digestive issues that compromised her joy for life.  Through dietary changes, eliminating certain life stressors and incorporating colon therapy into her monthly regime, she can now share with others what she learned through her own journey to health.  She believes wholeheartedly that without colon therapy she would not be the happy, healthy individual she is today.  Lissa has a great deal of compassion for those dealing with constipation, hemorrhoids, gas, bloating, cellulite, headaches and other digestive disorders.  Having dealt with many of these same issues herself, she has helped those clients that have found their way to Espirit.  Lissa is an IACT certified colon hydrotherapist, bioelectric lymphatic drainage therapist, certified in administering additives (with a doctor prescription), trained in aromatherapy, a Reiki master, and a Vibrational Sound therapist.  She is always looking for the next great service to bring to Espirit to further help her clients.  Lissa is also blessed with the beautiful and caring women that work as therapists at her center.  She surrounds herself with like-minded individuals that have been called to the field of healing and has great love and trust for those employed at Espirit.  Her hope is that all people that are frustrated with feeling miserable or who are just wanting to cleanse their bodies, make their way into Espirit where they will feel loved and supported.  She welcomes all to experience the joy of colon hydrotherapy!

Check out her Spa in Ventura Ca:

Lissa is hilarious and Aeriol and her don't miss a beat in this funny take on colon health.

I hope you enjoy the show.

Happy Healing!

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