Interview Megan Rose: Awakening the Divine

This is a great interview with the amazing Megan Rose about awakening the divine that dwells in each of us through art, music, and nature.


Guest bio:

Megan Rose is an initiated ceremonial magician, Shakta Tantric practitioner, and is apprenticed to Orion Foxwood in the Celtic Shamanic tradition of Faery Seership. She is also an ordained inter-faith minister through Seven Sisters Mystery School. ​

Megan Rose is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Consciousness and Transformation at the California Institute of Integral Studies and holds a Masters degree in Religion in Society from the Graduate Theological Union. She is a Holistic Healing Practitioner specializing in Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Bodywork, Intuitive Guidance, Life Coaching and Eco-spirituality. 

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I hope you enjoy the show.

Happy Healing!

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