In today's episode of Healing Body Mind and Soul I have the honor and privilege to spend some sacred time with Energy Intuitive, Community Leader and Founder of Sonoma County Healing Academy, Vicchi Oleski. Vicchi teaches people the ‘how-to’ of learning, embodying and up-leveling their relationship to Source, UNIVERSAL Life Energy. Aeriol and Vicchi peer into the meaning of psychic perception and somatic development and self care along the path of the soul's awakening. Lean in to this rich and soulful discussion of soulful empowerment.

Guest Bio:

A visionary, promoter for Health, Beauty and Well-Being, advocate for personal development, and dedicated community leader spanning 33 years, Vicchi’s fiery passion for creativity, where it is found in the humanness of everyday life, has led her study in the human and social potential movement along with being an energetic advocate of the LGBT&Q Community.At an early age, Vicchi understood that her ‘higher education‘ was being taught from her own direct experience of God/Source, And the knowledge of all Intelligence is found in Nature. She had, at that time in her young life, no teachings of the Origins of Existence and only understood the Science of inner connectedness to ALL things by way of body-memory. This common thread/thought continues to inform Vicchi. It is by inspiration that Spirit notifies. In unfolding curiosity; dream and imagination began to be the colorful backdrop that influences the fearless Will and Sovereignty of her life.

In her own words, Vicchi explains: I have a direct understanding for my self with self heal modalities from Source, and have been given an understanding to teach/educate, help people learn about themselves and the enormous power that is within them to heal, to come into direct relationship with the intimacies of self love and 'how-to' recieve self transmissions from Source. 

Underlying all my work is a profound awareness that we are all members ofCreativeUniversal Life Energy, Source. I have made it my life’s work to help people re-member themselves, to gather, heal the outcast parts and to activate the Healing Wisdom of their Bodies and Minds. - Vicchi Oleski

Guest Contact info:

Vicchi Oleski


I hope you enjoyed today's interview and that as a result you will explore your own connection to source.

Happy Healing!

Aeriol Ascher, MsD

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