In this episode Aeriol has a wonderful conversation with fine artist and founder of My Path Inspired, Jennifer Bates about using art therapy and the messages from spirit animals and guides to heal our selves and our lives.

Struggling with depression in her own life, Jennifer harnessed the power of her art, her animal guides and energetic healing to overcome her own obstacles. She is now passionate about helping people connect to their spirit animals through both her intuitive art and interactive workshops. The main vision of My Path Inspired is helping people learn how to work with and honor spirit animals in life for personal empowerment, healing and having more joy. Jennifer has recently joined the Empowered Self Care, Healing Body Mind and Soul book project as one of our esteemed co-authors and we cannot wait to read what empowering sage wisdom she shares with our readers. Connect with Jennifer at

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Aeriol Ascher, MsD



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