Today our show is taking a trip in the way back machine to our very first episode.

Still our number one downloaded episode, although there have been several of our juicy interviews on empowered self care from the archives that have really sparked everyone's interest

In today's podcast episode Aeriol performs the Unified Heart Chakra Meditation (live recording from Thriving Women In Business Symposium).

Also included in this episode is a Daily Reflection Meditation: "I choose work that contributes to a content existence."

Update from Aeriol: This really got me thinking about why I started this podcast and what my own divine purpose and passion has led me to produce.

For example... I am leading a Divine Abundance Book Club beginning July 12, 2020. We are reading Tosha Silver's "it's not your money!" You can purchase your copy on Amazon here:

It is free to attend our Divine Abundance Book Club. You need only register to receive log in and password.

I hope you have enjoyed this repeat episode of our very most popular episode.

Please find out more about Aeriol and the Healing Body Mind and Soul Network at

Happy Healing!



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