In this episode Aeriol interviews the vivacious and fun loving Erika Gimbel, Wholistic Psychotherapist and Whole Self Care Advocate. 


Guest Bio: 

Erika Gimbel MFT has been passionate for food that’s healthy and clean.  Erika’s helped 4 different Boys & Girls Clubs in California get growing with aeroponic NASA researched technology called the tower garden. Erika is grateful for the opportunity to share about food and nutrition and how healing with real food makes the difference bringing results, repair and recovery.  She’s part of the Healthy Living Revolution community that has free info and resources to share.
As a psychotherapist/counselor Erika works with those who’ve experienced complex trauma, people recovering from Burning Man and such where psyches have been altered and rattled.  She also has worked with people with Parkinson’s disease and she teaches Brainworks as well as a facilitates a protocol called LSVT BIG that engages cueing of being BIG for people.

Hope you Enjoyed today's Show!

Until Next time... Happy Healing.

Aeriol Ascher, MsD

Author, Speaker, Mentor, Teacher, Coach


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