Take a Deep Breath & Relax deeply into your body as Aeriol Ascher, Intuitive Healing Master and Metaphysical Teacher takes you on a guided energy healing journey into your self. 

  • Learn to ground yourself and release what is no longer in your highest interest and good.
  • Learn Self Care techniques to incorporate into your daily mindfulness meditation practice.
  • Develop more Self Awareness and learn to love yourself at a deeper level.

Each week Aeriol will deliver several episodes including Self Healing Content and Mindfulness Meditations for Self Care and Transformation.

Every Friday Aeriol will feature an interview with an Intuitive Healing Artist, Practitioner or Spiritual Teacher to share their modalities and insights. Please send an email with the subject "podcast guest" to askaeriol@aeriolascher.com if you would like to be on the podcast.

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